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I felt some sympathy for the folks picketing outside of the AnnArbor Borders. They remember what the company was like before the KMart-izationn happened, and they want a return to the kinder Borders of yore; they remember and hope for a better bookstore than what Borders has become today. In my estimation, this is a noble goal and picketing, unioninzing, and getting a new contract was the best way for the employees to work towards their goal.

At the same time, I think the best way I can contribute to this goal is to not patronize Borders at all. I support the cause of the strikers but I cannot support their store because buying your books would be counter-productive from my standpoint. Since I moved to Ann Arbor, I've made a habit of patronizing places like the WestSideBookShop and DavidsBooks. Which is unfortunate, because I received a $25 gift certificate to Borders and it has been sitting unused in my backpack for the last two months.