(This page was created and updated by myself and volunteers over the course the time I live in AA, 2003-2004. Consider it outdated, and be cautious with the data contained here-in. It is recommended that you check out the Other Resources section below.MicahSittig)

Foodwise, I've found AnnArbor to be pretty expensive. Actually, I was shocked when I first came here. So I decided to compile a list of places near campus where it is possible to find a respectable FiveDollarMeal. I'm leaving off fast food joints—I said "respectable"—and not considering the hot dog stand either. That doesn't mean I don't grab a quick Polish sausage when I'm in a hurry. Anyhow, you get my point. This list is by no means comprehensive: if you know of another FiveDollarMeal, please feel free to add it! (and, drinks not included)

Other Resources

The List

Sabor Latino

211 S. State,
211 N. Main

Two tacos ($1.55 each) with your choice of meat (carnitas, carne asada, beef, chicken, chorizo, maybe more) and a 13.5 oz bottle of Jarritos soft drink in various flavors comes to $4.88 with tax.

Fleetwood Diner

Corner of Liberty and Ashley, one block west of Main

A cheeseburger and half-serving of fries comes out to a little over five.


Corner of Liberty and State

Any sandwich and a cookie (try to get them warm out of the oven) come out to USD 4.96.


New site with restaurant reviews, pictures, Google map, etc. Cool!!


North University, next to Michigan Book Store

An order of spicy tuna/salmon includes a small salad, a bowl of miso soup, and six rolls of sushi. This will set you back 3.99 plus tax.

The Bella closed down

=== Bella Napoli Pizza & Italian Food === /East University Avenue, just east of the School of Social Work Building/ Two slices of pepperoni pizza for just under five dollars; better yet, make one of the slices cheese instead and pick up a pack of gum next door to freshen your oregano-laden breath.

Jerusalem Garden

Fifth Avenue, just below Liberty

(Forthcoming, but I recommend the Falafel sandwich with Hummus)

Red Hot Lovers

East University Avenue, east and south from the SSWB

(Forthcoming, I've had the Chicago Dog and it's... OK)
They have the best fries!

A Serious Dog and (I agree, delicious and not so) small fries will set you back $4.77.

Oasis Deli

1106 S University, hidden next to and under Rendezvous Cafe

Sandwich and drink/baklava for like $4.50. Gyros = good.

I like the large Oasis Chicken. It's about $4.

Large falafel sandwich with free drink, for $3.50. Then sit in the lobby of the School of Social Work, read the paper, and spy on people in the library below through the glass walls.

Earthen Jar

Fifth Avenue, just below Liberty (neighbor to Jerusalem Garden)

Buffet by the pound, so figure out what you like and load your plate up, stopping at $5.

Kabob Palace

516 E. William, across from Tower Plaza condo building

Good Middle Eastern food. All sandwiches are in the $3-$4.50 range. []

Le Dog

410 E. Liberty, red shack between Division and Thompson

A heavy rotation of 84 soups including curry udon. Soups are usually $4 or $4.50 with a half loaf of bread another 50 cents. There's also a Main St location.


241 E Liberty, across from the post office

Cheep chinese food open late (midnight every night). Most entrees are five bucks and change. []

A pint of Singapore-style Rice Noodles is 5.20 plus tax, pretty tasty, and only midly spicy.

"V1, white rice, wanton = $4.23" (AAIO)

White Market

611? E. William, next to NYPD

Almost forgot. The salad bar is the cheapest you'll find and is probably the best deal in Ann Arbor. I regularly get salads between $1-2, sometimes under a buck, and suspect their scale is broken. I just wish they'd use romaine lettuce instead of the iceberg. A tuna salad sandwich to go with it is only a buck and a quarter. Grab a piece of fruit and a drink and you're still under 5.

Cafe Verde

Fourth Ave across from the Birkenstock Store near Farmers Market

Hot bar and salad bar, so load up your plate and stop at the $5 mark. You can get fresh fruit by the pound at the food coop next door and add that to your order.

Eastern Accents

Fourth Ave between Liberty and Washington

Their steamed and baked buns are inexpensive and pretty filling - or have a curry beef turnover.


Kerrytown - Takeout entrance in the back

They have the best chicken & vegetable curries ($2.75) and chicken-rice balls ($I forget).