I've been starting to work out lately, and here's where I'm going to collect information and reflect on what I've been trying and how it works for me. My source for most of the info, which I will not cite for efficiency reasons, is a Google Search on for the word "workout".


1. Train for endurance and start playing soccer again.
2. Get stronger overall, counter-act my sedentary job style.


My goal is to have a regular workout everyday(?). I've been trying to have it at 4:30, because this is when I get off of work during the schoolyear. With Charlotte at the preschool starting in September and needing to get picked up, I'm not sure if this is sustainable. It's possible that I'll switch to the morning before work (bad because I sleep in, sweat a lot) or evening after dinner (bad because I'll be full from dinner and tired from work).


Combine this:
With this?
For running, before looking at any materials I've been:

  1. Warm up using some volleyball/soccer warm-ups.

  2. Run, 1km the first time, 2km the second time, and then 2km, 3km, 3km, 3km, 4k.... and so on. Basically n times for n km.

  3. If I feel myself tightening up during a run, I slow the machine down to slowest setting, get off, and do some more stretching.

  4. At the end, I get off and walk around the gym for a couple minutes.

I always have water which I drink in small sips and stop swallowing if I feel sloshing in my stomach, and music is good to listen to or imagine a conversation with a friend.

Look at this:
bodyweight exercises, bodyweight workout
This is sorta cool, a point system:

Remember that the MHS track has "adult monkey bars" that are good for pull-ups, etc.


AskMeFi recommends shakes before/after the workout. Maybe something light like banana+milk+oats? Or freeze the banana, or add carrots, raisins, or random fruits. We have a blender. Or maybe just dispense with the blender and go for a glass of milk and a banana, or milk on a small serving of oatmeal.


This looks good but the gym I have access to doesn't have barbells & weights:
FAQ - Starting Strength Wiki

Never Gymless


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