The following are formatting options that I've added to my Kwiki Wiki:


A blockquote delimited by pipe characters.

A blockquote delimited by the more
usual single right angle bracket.

But this blockquote actually has
two levels, the second being pipe

Nah, make that three.

Back to one.

Then two again, but this second level is angle bracket delimited.

Definition Lists

Classic term
and definition
Term with no definition (optional end semi-colon)
Second term, but followed by...
A definition.
And a second definition.
A multi-line term With special<em> /formatting
Followed by its definition.


Link with title attribute

Replaced Objects

(So far, I've only enabled images.) Special case - both naked URLs and URLs in brackets appear as links:

Curly braces are used to embed images, with optional alt and title text:
Alt text