This is in the very preliminary stages of planning.


[Everybody arrives, mills about and eventually finds a seat when they are reminded that the ceremony is about to start. Soft music is playing in the background during this process. The front rows are reserved for immediate family, bride's family on one side (one seat empty, for her father) and groom's family on the other (one empty for his mother).]

[When everyone is seated, cue up "special" music. The bridesmaids take the arms of the best men and proceed up the aisle, then the groom follows, arm-in-arm with his mother. Everyone takes up their positions standing near the "stage", except for the mother who sits down.]

  • Pastor: welcomes the attendees, asks everybody to stand for the entrance of the bride.

  • Helper cues the traditional wedding march and the bride arm-in-arm with her father (and maybe mother) "enters" the wedding setting through the center aisle. Optionally, there is a young girl/boy as ring-bearer marching in front. Reaching the front, the father takes his seat and the bride joins the groom at the altar.

  • Pastor: invitation and prayer.

  • Helper: sing/play a song.

  • Helper: do a reading.

  • Pastor: freestyle.

  • Everybody: words of encouragement and advice.

  • Pastor, Bride and Groom: Exchange of personalized vows.

  • Bride, Groom: exchange of rings.

  • Pastor: Declaration of marriage.

  • Bride, Groom: kiss (music cues up here?).

  • Everybody: Applause, tears (music dies down).

  • Pastor: final pronouncement.

  • Pastor: instructions.

  • Everybody: Balloon release.

  • Bride, Groom: music cues up, walk down the carpet and off the scene (music goes down, maybe changes).

  • Bride: Tossing of the bouquet.

  • Everybody: head up to banquet room.

Still needs: more audience participation. Jazz things up a little. Flesh it out, too.


Bride: traditional bride's white with lots of lace/gauze.
Bridesmaids: light purple dresses.
Groom: black pants, snappy dark purple vest, maybe dark purple pinstripes, over white dress shirt.
Best men: Similar to groom.