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First Leg: Ticket booked

I leave Shanghai on Sunday the 6th and arrive in LA on the same Sunday at nine in the morning. I'll leave LA on the morning of Wednesday the 16th. All Nippon Airlines:

6 Feb Shanghai->Tokyo, 08:55->12:35 (2:40H)

6 Feb Tokyo->LA, 17:15->09:45 (9:30H)

16 Feb LA->Tokyo, 11:35->16:05+1day (11:30H)

17 Feb Tokyo->Shanghai 18:40->21:05 (3:25H)

Paid RMB 5332 (USD 647). I hear interesting things about the Narita airport. Cultural tours and such? Check the Lonely Planet message boards.

Second Leg: Ticket Booked

Then the Ann Arbor trip leaves the night of the Sunday I arrive in LA, landing in Detroit on Monday morning, and comes back to LA on Wednesday evening (when I'll need a pick-up!). Spirit airlines:

Flight: NK709 Los Angeles (LAX) - Detroit (DTW) 02/06/2005 10:40 PM-5:55 AM

Flight: NK706 Detroit (DTW) - Los Angeles (LAX) 02/09/2005 7:30 PM-9:40 PM

If mom/dad/Laurel wants to, you could come up to spend an afternoon in LA with me on Sunday the 6th. In total, this itinerary will give me 1 day in Los Angeles, 2.5 days in Detroit, and 6 full days in Brea.