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Due to the rain, we will be meeting in the physics classroom today. Please bring something to write with, and you don’t need to dress for playing. Tomorrow we will be on the tennis courts while the field dries out ☹️.

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Regarding Falcon 9 launches from Vandenberg:
For several years I have used "" to watch the fairing recovery vessel "Go Beyond" and the tug "Scorpius" (that tows the drone ship "Of Course I Still Love You") travel between Long Beach and the landing zone. The vessels typically depart Long Beach about 48 hrs before launch time for the 300 mile trip.
At 5pm PDT Tuesday, 10/17/23, both those vessel appear to be at their berths in Long Beach. So, I was not surprised to see the Thursday early morning launch has been delayed to Friday. I will watch with interest to see if and when the vessels depart Long Beach.


Tomorrow the Varsity team will face Newbury Park Adventist Academy for a game 🏐9️⃣ of the season at home. (At practice I said JV+V, but Mr Pankratz says they are only bringing their varsity team.) Varsity players should leave class to go change at 2:30, and be down on the field by 2:50 for the 3:30 game. You will miss F block 💜; please email your F-block teacher to let them know. JV, you are expected to be at the game, check the duty schedule in the image gallery to know your job — extra volunteers are always appreciated. Expected finish time is ~5:30pm. GO SPUDS!! 🥔🥔🥔

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"I will accept all friend requests with the following understanding. I view “friending” me as a request to mentor you. This means I will read your page. I will read your page to get to know you better and offer you specific feedback in the hopes that you will use social media to create a digital presence that captures both who you are and who you can be at your very best, and that you will reach out to connect and share with people from across the world in order to change the world. "

Physics/Math/English Tutor Available

Graduate of the California Institute of Technology, eight years of teaching experience mainly at the middle/high school level, specialize in middle/high school physics (IB/MYP and AP), also able to tutor in all levels of math from preschool to calculus/statistics, and in general English. Able to recommend a textbook, design a curriculum, or use your own. Located in Minhang/Xuhui and prefer to tutor in southern Shanghai, but this ultimately depends on compensation. Available weekday evenings and weekends. Please e-mail to discuss times and rates.

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