05/21 I have taught a life skills class for seven or eight years. Your best words to "wrap around your lessons" on are: repetition and routine. Always start your class with the same welcome song and end with the same goodbye song even if you don't use that in your other classes. The kids will learn but at a much slower rate, but oh the joy when they "get it". They are exhausting to teach but soooooooooooooo rewarding! Insist on the same level of aide help that the other teachers have (very important!). It took a year for me to develop confidence that I could handle these kids and then it became fun (but tiring!). Part of what they are learning is classroom behavior, following directions, raising hands, passing out supplies, etc. Plan on taking time for teaching those skills. Enjoy!


Always praise when you see good behavior. Always acknowledge them by name and always try to do it in the presence of the other children. Not only are you reinforcing that behavior but you show these little people that they can get their much needed approval and acceptance from you. I think you'll find the theory of "monkey see, monkey do." really does ring true during these moments.


Handwashing Song (to the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat)

Wash, wash, wash my hands Get them clean and neat Water, soap, a paper towel Now I’m ready to eat. Wash, wash, wash my hands Get them clean and neat After potty and after play Now I’m ready to eat.