if you wanted cheap pho, there was a place along Fuzhou road near Raffles City that serves vietnamese food. They had pho and rice noodles for about 12 kuai a bowl. They also served grilled meat on rice, and other simple meals. It was fast, clean, and casual. Popular with both foreigners and locals.

But, the place closed, which was a great personal blow to many an expat, and replaced by a boutique clothing store. Shanghai residents are left to hope for a restaurant with a convenient location that serves cheap Vietnamese food, especially if the place also serves Vietnamese sandwiches.

If this Pho place is part of the Temple Saigon chain, which I believe it is, then I have an interesting little anecdote to share. Once, my girlfriend and I were eating there until she discovered some sort of insect swimming in her pho. We then stopped eating there. —Joon

However, wise heads have realized it wasn't part of that chain, but a small (2 others) Canadian chain, oddly enough.