• article on travel to 长兴岛 and 横沙岛]

    [According to the article, tourism to these islands has been developed to the max, both have a considerable amount of facilities. Events-wise, Changxing Island (the bigger one) has a big tangerine festival every spring. The eastern seaboard of Hengsha (the smaller island) is host to an amusement park.

Boat times are as follows:

Wusong--Hengsha 10.30*、13.00 Hengsha--Wusong 14.00*、16.00

Wusong is the mainland port. Stars indicate an express boat.

Several bus routes serve Wusong port. For me, the best option seems to be taking the metro line 1 to its northern terminal station, 江湾镇 (Jiangwan Town), backtracking along the main road and catching the 116路 bus to Wusong Pier, 吴淞码头.

Post-Trip Report

Hengsha Island is boooring. The only hotel authorized to accept foreigners is expeeensive. Totally not woooorth it!