Thanks for the idea, Wang Jianshuo:

  • Favorite place to read: comfy chairs in front of Huaihai Lu Delifrance.

  • Favorite bus line: 136

  • Favorite island: Hengsha Dao

  • Favorite metro stop: Zhongshan Park

  • Favorite metro line: Line 3/Pearl line/Light rail

  • Favorite sweets: City Supermarket bakery

  • Favorite book: the appendix of Mian Mian's Panda Sex

  • Favorite book store: art bookstore at Jing'an Temple stop

  • Favorite smoothies: in the Raffles City basement

  • Favorite view: the Bund from Pujiang Hotel hostel bathroom window

  • Favorite concert venue: the Ark at Xintiandi

  • Second favorite: Gua'er Music Factory

  • Favorite cheesecake: Arch Cafe

  • Favorite band: Cold Fairyland

  • Favorite ice cream: next to the Peace Cinema on People's Square

  • Favorite breakfast: fantuan outside my apartment

  • Second favorite: youtiao and soy milk at any Xinianlai

  • Favorite park: greenbelt along the Yan'an Dong Lu elevated road

  • Favorite clothes shopping: UNIQLO

  • Favorite magazine: 生活在上HIGH (Shenghuo Zai ShangHIGH)

  • Favorite newspaper: Cankao Xiaoxi

  • Second favorite: Shidai Bao

  • Favorite people-watching: Shanghai Train Station

  • Favorite lunch special: Shintori on Julu Lu

Of course, I've only been here for 6 months against WJS's 10 years, but...

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