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Accom update: Shanghai Conservatory of Music Guesthouse

Hi all! Would like to update everyone about some new rooms at the guesthouse. (I'm not getting paid by them for doing this, haha!)

New additions:
Twin rooms for 70 RMB, shared washing facilities, I think aircon too. :) Newly renovated! Great value I must say! Though some of the rooms don't have TV (not that I think it really matters anyway) and you've gotta climb to the 4th floor... but it's really good value if you don't mind those!

What's already available:

  1. Twin/single rooms for 100 RMB, clean shared washing facilities, I see them cleaning the toilet at least 3 times a day on my floor, hehe! Rooms are on the 1st and 2nd floor, all the rooms except one on the 3rd floor are occupied by students. Half of 2nd floor occupied by students too. All travellers in 1st floor rooms. All have aircon.

  2. Twin rooms for 200 RMB with your own bathroom and toilet.

Other information about location:

  • Less than half hour from train station by metro (including walking time of about 5-10 mins)

  • 5 mins walking distance from Xiangyang Market and Huaihai Zhonglu

  • 5-10 mins walking distance to Shaanxi Nanlu/Changshu Lu metro stations on metro line 1

  • Direct bus to the Bund

  • Just a really wonderful location! :P

Ok... there's my good deed of the day. :P Happy travelling all!

P.S. It's already listed in LP so check that for their telephone number!