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Not really directly in response to this question, but sort of on topic
still. Not meant to be a flame, just informational.

The unofficial rule for SDF's services are the following.

If ever a service that SDF provides becomes either partially or wholly
unaccessible, service will be restored within 15 minutes. If the service
isn't restored in 15 minutes, it'll be restored in 30 minutes. If after 30
minutes service is not restored, it will be restored in 45 minutes to 1
hour. If after 1 hour service is not restored should take a
breather and try again later.

While you are waiting, it's a good idea to read BBOARD:ANNOUNCE to see if
SMJ has posted anything in there. Also, investigate your end of the
connection further. There is a lot that goes on between you and SDF that
could cause SDF to appear "down". There is also an ongoing issue with the
NetBSD kernel that can cause short outages.

In short, assume the problem is on your end first. If the problem is on
SDF's end, SMJ knows about it and is fixing it. If you don't think that SMJ
is aware of the problem, it's either on your end or you're wrong.

If you can't figure out the problem, post in BBOARD:HELP and someone will
help you troubleshoot the problem.

Above all else, remember that no matter what membership level you're at,
you're getting an incredible deal.

This is just my impression of how it works here....take it for what it impression. YMMV

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