- The chapter on religion is really shallow and stilted, which is what happens when you write something from academic sources without really understanding what you're writing about. Also, the authors are clearly systematically biasing their text against Christianity, which should be obvious even to non-Christians. They would define themselves as Secular Humanists, but they are uneven in their

treatments of different religions.
- Has a very narrow definition of religion which conflicts with religions (most)

that see faith as being all-encompassing.
- Hehe, OK has third lowest teachers salaries in the nation in 2007
- I like living in Shanghai for its Urban characteristics, but a lot of my

students and their parents treat it like the subupg rbs

Possible reflection topics:
- To what degree are teachers required to be ethical models, beyond the subject

they are assigned to teach?
pg 274 - Religion and its effect on the classroom
pg 308 - In which region did I grow up? In which region would I like to teach?
pg 330 - Global perspectives, vs local focus

stopped pg 358