It's not that postmodernism rejects an absolute Truth. It's that the Truth, if it exists, exists outside the realm that postmodernism describes. I say this is entirely possible.

Skepticism of various sorts, one feature of the "postmodern sensibility," has appeared regularly in the history of thought, as has relativism; both positions contain the seeds of their own refutation (e.g., a typical postmodern sentiment, such as "there is no such thing as truth," is a self-undermining statement).

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Third, such a view gains weight when one contrasts the postmodern sensibility with the average person's actual experiences in modern society. As far as one can tell, the academics who embrace postmodernism drive cars, fly in transcontinental airplanes, use computers and telephones, bake in microwave ovens, watch NYPD Blue on television, deposit their pay-checks, buy stocks or invest in mutual funds, have mortgages, copulate and sometimes procreate children born in modern hospitals, and send their off-spring to Ivy League schools. They flush their toilets and expect the waste to disappear, perhaps oblivious to the fantastic labyrinths of sewers beneath their feet. They expect their physicians to prescribe effective wonder drugs to combat infections. They buy food from all over the world in well-stocked supermarkets or delicacy stores. Some even barbecue in the backyards of their well-built homes, recreating the suburban rituals that framed their childhoods. They publish articles arguing that language is everything in journals that, when printed, are miraculously mailed everywhere. And they crank out reams of publicity promoting themselves or press the flesh at professional meetings in sound-proofed, air-conditioned downtown hotels, oiled by the sweet nectar of the chardonnay grape. In short, like millions of other middle-class men and women, those who embrace the postmodern sensibility are wholly dependent on the vast bureaucratized apparatus of science, technology, production, administration, distribution, and propaganda that sustains our entire civilization. One must allow God's fools the bliss of ignorance.

[Haha, genius. Driping with irony. I hear Lydia Liu is giving a job talk at Columbia.]