From the Beijing Linux Users Group mailing list on November 18, 2004:

This email is just to inform you guys how to get contact with Chinese open
source communities. :-)


  2. It's a popular Linux forum.

  3. found by China government.


  5. The most famous forum in China. In fact, it's a campus BBS system in Tsinghua University.




There are also some open source projects in China.

MiniGUI, , led
by Wei, Yongming. He is a teacher in Tsinghua University. MiniGUI is a GPL'd free
software project, led by Beijing Feynman Software Co., Ltd.. It aims to provide a fast, stable,
lightweight, and cross-platform Graphics User Interface support system,
which is especially fit for real-time embedded systems based-on
Linux/uClinux, eCos, uC/OS-II, and other traditional RTOSes, such as

LVS, , led by Zhang, Wensong. <snip>

SkyEye, , led by Chen, Yu. He is a teacher in
Tsinghua University now.

Magic Linux, A kind of Linux distribution from Lanzhou University.

Redflag Linux, well known, government supported Linux distribution.

JFox/JoyAOP/JFoxMX­/Orbas, an open source implementation of J2EE spec.
You can find them at

StarCCM, an open source implementation of OMG CCM spec. It's developed by
National University of Defense Technology.

Hope those might help you get an idea about open source in China. If needed,
I can list more inform. Any questions, please let me know. Thanks.