Students need 3 science credits to graduate from SMIC. Kids who transfer into SMIC without having taken the basic sciences can't take AP classes, so sometimes they need to make them up. This happens most often with 9th grade Biology: kids transfer into SMIC for 10th grade and didn't take Biology in 9th, but they want to be able to take AP Bio in 11th grade. One option for these kids is to take a Bio course online. Here are some possible online courses that we are considering offering as recommendations (still in the research stage; in no particular order):

Allied National High School
Course: Biology a & b
Tuition: None on site, outside source says $528/semester

Virtual High School
Course: Intro to Biology
Tuition: $425/semester

Forest Trail Academy
Course: Biology/Honors Biology
Tuition: $350/semester

Florida Virtual School
Course: Biology/Honors Biology
Tuition: $400/semester

Other interesting resources: