Stuff I may/may not believe:

  • Salvation should be accesible to everyone, not just to Th.M.'s and Ph.D.'s.

  • The Bible is a literary document, and not infallible.

  • Some spiritual concepts are allegories.

    • Angels?

    • Demons?

    • Jesus?

  • God exists outside of time.

    • Therefore salvation/redemption is outside of time.

    • Pre-Christ humans could find salvation outside of Jesus the person, but within Jesus the allegory.

  • Christians should not fear death.

  • Christian salvation through forgiveness is irrational (unique among the world's religions?).

  • Salvation is culturally independent.

  • Every person in the history of the world has an equal chance of being saved.


  • Equality in the grand scheme of things.

  • History is fake.

  • You are put in your locale, and not omniscient, for a reason.

    • What is the proper role of memory?

Stuff I'm still not comfortable with:

  • Human government.

  • The moral distincition between children and adults.

  • The correlation between wealth and moral uprightness/Christianity.