The holidays I would rather celebrate:

Equinoxes and Solstices
Indigenous Peoples' Day
4th of July
Chinese traditional holidays (Moon/Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival)
National Day (Oct 1st)
Pi Day
Tau Day


  • Pi Day

    March 14

  • Spring Equinox

    about March 21

  • Tomb-sweeping Festival

    4, 5 or 6 of April (15th day from the Spring Equinox)

  • Earth Day

    April 22

  • Juneteenth

    June 19

  • Dragon Boat Festival

    around June (5th day of the 5th lunar month)

  • Summer Solstice

    about June 20

  • Tau Day

    June 28

  • Independence Day

    July 4

  • Mid-Autumn (Moon) Festival

    mid-late September (15th day of the 8th lunar calendar month)

  • Fall Equinox

    about September 23

  • China National Day

    October 1

  • Indigenous Peoples' Day

    second Monday in October

  • Halloween

    Oct 31

  • Thanksgiving

    4th Thursday in November

  • Winter Solstice

    about December 21