These are Microsoft Word shortcuts that I like to add to my copy of Word. Since I switch computers often, it's convenient to have them documented in one central location.

Full Screen (F9)

  1. Choose Customize from the Tools menu. Word displays the Customize dialog box.

  2. Click the Keyboard button. Word displays the Customize Keyboard dialog box.

  3. In the list of Categories, choose View.

  4. In the list of Commands, choose ToggleFull.

  5. Place the insertion point in the Press New Shortcut Key box.

  6. Press the shortcut key you want to use, such as Alt+S.

  7. Click Assign.

  8. Close the dialog boxes.

Paste Unformatted (Control-Shift-V)

To create the macro to cut and paste without formatting

  1. On the Tools menu, point to Macro, and then click Macros to display the Macros dialog box.

  2. In the Macro name box, type PasteUnformattedText.

  3. Make sure that "All active templates and documents" is displayed in the Macros in list, and then click Create.

  4. Directly above the End Sub statement in the PasteUnformattedText subroutine, type the following line of code:

Selection.PasteSpecial DataType:=wdPasteText
  1. On the File menu, click Close and Return to Microsoft Word.

For Word 2007, click the Developer tab on the Ribbon. (If you don’t have a Developer tab, you’ll need to choose Word Options from the Office menu and select the Show Developer Tab In The Ribbon option.) Then click the Macros button in the Code group (left end of the Ribbon), and Word will open the familiar Macros dialog box. You can proceed as described above to create the macro.

To run the macro each time you press CTRL+SHFT+V

  1. On the Tools menu, click Customize.

  2. Click the Keyboard button.

  3. Make sure the Save changes in box displays

  4. In the Categories list, click Macros.

  5. In the Macros list, click PasteUnformattedText.

  6. Click in the Press new shortcut key box, press and hold the CTRL key and the SHFT key, and then press and hold the V key at the same time. The Press new shortcut key box displays Ctrl+Shift+V.

  7. Click Assign. Click Close and then click Close again.