It's easy to get to Macau. Ferry terminals in Kowloon and Central. They go back and forth frequently.
Highlights are definitely the food and the casinos. I don't much care for the casinos, I don't recognize a lot of the table games and the slots are not loose at all. The ruins of St. Paul's Church, Guia Fort, the Museum of Macau and Sao Paolo Monte Fort. Have lunch at the Macau Tower, it costs only a little bit more than the elevator ride. Old Tapia. It is well worth seeing. And if your into that kind of thing the nightlife is OK. Some of the best massage parlors in Asia and working girls of every variety all over the place. Check out the promenade at the Lisboa, the "ladies with rooms," suppposedly the whole 4th floor strolling around in packs are a visual delight if nothing else.

Don't forget the Maritime Museum, also a trip to Coloane Village to sample the famous egg tarts at Lord Stow's. The wine is very cheap and very good thanks to the Portuguese legacy !

Hostel (Ruth recommends):

Hi. There isn't anything not recommended seeing. Must see will usually include the Ruin of St. Paul(Sao Paulo), the Museum of Macao, Monte Fort and Senate Square are a few feet nearby. Macanese cuisine which is unique in Macau and very rarely found in other places. A look at the casinos to see how the Chinese people gamble. You can have your choice dining at various places in Macau peninsula, Taipa Village on Taipa Isalnd, Coloane Village or Hac Sa Beach on Coloane Island. Nice food of all styles are all over the place.

  • At the Ferry Terminal, visit the information Office for free maps and tips

  • Walk toward the heart of the City (or take bus No3)

  • Once on Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro, check the Leal Senado Library, the Cathedral, St Dominic Church, the Ruins of St Paul and the nice Monte Fort

  • Continue North toward Camoes Grotto & Garden and the nearby Old Protestant Cemetery

  • Walk east to peaceful Lou Lim Loc Gardens and Sun Yat-Sen Memorial House

  • Climb toward Guia Fortress and Guia Lighthouse (cable car also available)

  • Continue North to the 400 years old Kun Lam Temple. Nearby is another cemetery and garden

  • Pass the Colina de Mong Ha to the small Lin Fong Temple

  • Catch a glance of China at the Barrier Gate and check the nearby Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Park

  • Take bus No10 or 18 to the South of the Peninsula.

  • Visit A-Ma Temple and go up Penha Hill to the Chapel of Our Lady of Penha.

  • Dine at A Lorcha (313 193), 289 Rua do Almirante Sergio, probably the best Portuguese Restaurant of Macau, Dish Award 1999 for HK Magazine. Don't be scared : prices are very reasonable. Enjoy your meal with a bottle of Mateus Rose...

  • Have a digestion walk back to the Heart of the City, passing St. Lawrence Church, the Government House and St. Augustine Church.

  • Spend the rest of your money at Casino Lisboa