(I arrived about 10 minutes into the speech)

  • Putting work out in the world, a stage

  • In the 90s website, "context is king" was taken for granted

    • Later, community over content

    • Contribution is key to contributing/critiquing content

    • Feedback is king

  • Internet is about people sharing and communicating

  • Identity: sharing with others needs a definition of others and us

    • Maoris: signifiers of mutuality and exchange, less on linearity

  • Copyright doesn't fit into this world of community, sharing

  • Financial meltdown: banks trusting pieces of cheaply generated paper

    • Technology "has gone wrong"

    • Decisions made at the click of a mouse, connectedness cascading and interconnecting mistakes

    • Systems lagging behind technology

  • Oligopoly disappearing, challenged by small, connected units

    • Example: travel agents replace by direct booking across the net

    • Example: internet radio stations

    • Example? National curriculum vs home-schooling

    • Conditions closer to perfect competition

  • In the future, school will just be one of several options

  • Financial crisis is the beginning of the death of "they"

    • "They ought to do something about this."?!

    • "Gosh, it's us! It really is us!"

  • Democracy of learning is all about "us"

    • "The future of learning depends on the strength of mutual, collegiate, gregarious bond."

  • Finally...

    • Learning is global, borrowing curriculum from other places

    • Assumptions about learning (cells and bells) has gone out the door, the factory school is dead

    • Socially rediscovering some of the things that really matter

      • Extended family reconnecting, no longer slaves to geography

      • Facets of community being reborn

      • Schools built around mutuality rather than productivity

  • The death of education = the most exciting time ever = the dawn of learning

The speech was a bit rambly, but that was the the point I think. Still need to think what this all means for science.

My thoughts on conversation with jutecht

  • learning content vs creating content

    • one, both or the other, all are valuable

  • At the minimum, document it wih digicam and put it online

    • Labs, conclusions

    • Mail good conclusions, abstracts to a weblog, other students comment

  • Share teaching materials online