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Discussion Questions

Week 1 — Music — A Goofy Movie

  1. How did the music make you feel?

  2. What did the music add to the scene?

  3. How did the music change throughout the movie? How did it stay the same?

  4. Why did director choose this kind of music?

  5. How is this scene different with and without the music? (too long, could be summarized) (too complex)

Week 2 — Character Development — Where the Wild Things Are

  1. How does the character grow and change during the movie? Physically? Emotionally?

  2. What events or other characters have a strong effect on the main character?

  3. What is a turning point in the character's development?

  4. What details help you to get to know the character better?

  5. What similarities do you see between yourself and the character?

  6. Do you like the character? Why or why not?

Class plan 2011-11-11

Explain storyboarding.
Explain plan for today:

  • Write one paragraph story description (setting, characters, plot).

  • Get it approved by a teacher.

  • Approved groups gets two storyboard sheets for planning.

  • Get it approved by a teacher.

  • If approved, you can win another sheet.

  • At 1:00 there will be an optional tutorial on VideoStudio lead by Micah.

  • Continue storyboarding, can also win new storyboards during the week: Micah in 302, Abbie in 407(?).

Next week: storyboarding/filming
Week after: filming/Audacity tutorial

VideoStudio Tutorial

  • How to make a video from video footage

  • How to do a stop-motion video

  • How to add music

  • Showing an example final product

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