Brocco Li:

There is a Falun Dafa guy who sits on the grass just off the Diag and practices qigong with a sign in front of him explaining the basics of his conviction. I thought that the snow would surely drive him indoors. Last week, he proved me wrong by clearing out a small space in the snow, setting up his sign, and standing perfectly still—insanity in this weather—and carrying on as usual. I haven't seen the Diag preachers out lately. I greatly admire this guy.

Zen and the Art of Diag Meditation: A Conversation with the Falun Dafa Guy

He understands what he loves, he understands what he wants to do, and that’s why he does it. I know this because of his discipline in being out there all the time. It is a rare day that he is not in the Diag meditating. Considering he is a Senior English major, I don’t know how he finds the time or desire to do this, day in and day out. I was surprised to see another guy join Evan last year, and equally not surprised that the other guy only lasted for about a week. Evan believes in this. No, that’s wrong—Evan lives in this. No, that’s wrong—he thrives in this.

Parody Letter in the Michigan Daily

To the Daily:

I sit as snow falls

Harmonica guy blows hard

The Diag is Mine.

Falun Dafa Guy

LSA senior

Co-Chair of Students against Harmonicas