Arrive about 10am into Dalian.
-- Cab over to Youhao Square. About 35rmb.
-- Walk over to Zhongshan Square, passing Youhao Square and its big ball in the process.
-- Pick up food along the street somewhere and eat in Zhongshan Square.
-- Should be about 12pm. Call a cab somewhere.
-- Neogtiate with cab driver to take you around to the other side — Beichuidao, Tiger Beach, Xinghai Square. About 100rmb.
-- About 2-3pm. Ask cab driver to drop you off at Labour Park. Take cable car to TV Tower — 50rmb. Take pictures. Another 50rmb to go up the Tower. I didn't find it worth the price so I didn't go. Take the slide down the hill. Yes, it's a slide. You ride a little car that you can control the speed. It's pretty fun.
-- Should be about 3-4pm. Go rest somewhere, walk around, or shop.
-- Find a food street and eat for cheap.
-- At dusk/early evening, walk over to Zhongshan Square again and
check out the crowds that have gathered. There's a group of college students playing Chinese hackey-sack. There's some dog owners gathering. There's also an impromptu Chinese jam session playing traditional Chinese music. That was very cool. Lounge around the square listening to music, enjoying the cool sea breeze.
-- Cab to the airport (35rmb), with plenty of time to catch your
9-10pm flight out of Dalian!