This is Mr Sittig, and I am issuing the following Computer Challenges to SMIC students. Prizes awarded each time you finish 2 challenges and submit them to me,

1. Paint a bullseye using ProcessingJS and e-mail me the code.

2. Sign up for an account at SDF and e-mail me from your new address.

3. Create a webpage at SDF about your favorite sport. E-mail me the address.

4. Create a webpage at SDF that shows the current time, updated each time I hit refresh. E-mail me the address.

5. Create a poll using a form and spreadsheet from Google Docs. Send me an invite to take the poll, and then report back to me what I answered.

6. Make a video including the phrase "lemon pie", upload it to Youku and embed it on a page at SDF. You don't have to appear in the video. E-mail me the address.

7. Plan a trip: find pictures on Flickr, plan an itinerary on TripAdvisor, and find a suitable flight and hotel on Expedia. Document the whole thing on a Wikispaces wiki. Show me the final product.

8. Make a webpage that has 100 different colors, with no images. Send me the address.

9. Write a program that asks my name, and then says hi to me (by name). Send me the code. Sample run:
HI, what's your name?
Mr Sittig
Hello Mr Sittig!

10. Write a program that prints out the even numbers from 2 to 20. Send me the code.

11. Set up a weblog, somewhere. Write a post. Get somebody else to comment on it. Send me a link.

12. Subscribe to your weblog in Google Reader. Take a screenshot and send it to me.

13. A Public Display System: Create a constantly refreshing web query in Excel linking it to a weather forecasting website. Link this Excel document into a two slide PowerPoint that gives current weather for Shanghai on one fun SMIC weather slide and a five day forecast on a second slide. Once set up, both documents linked and opened, the Powerpoint should be set to auto repeat. The system should always update itself as long as there is internet access. Email the two documents to me.

14. Compose a song in SuperCollider and send me the code. [Worth 2 challenges.]

Under consideration (not official, don't do these)

x. Research, find, and describe in writing the future possibilities of a Google application not yet released to the general public. Email your paragraph to Mr. Sittig from a gmail account (set one up if you haven't yet).

x. Create a Google search query of the band "Queen" finding a number that best represents the search results of this band, and only this band formed in 1970. The search results are suppose to state the number of webpages with the searched word(s). The initial search result in Google of 'Queen' is 205 million, not a true representation of Queen on the web. Refine the query and make it better. Take a screenshot of your web query and email it to Mr. Sittig. May the best query win!