• DONE Jodi: Stanley insulated cup with straw, pair of fleece-lined Crocs

  • DONE Charlotte: Brian Sanderson book(s), big whiteboard and pens, math tie

  • Maryann: Money ($50), One Piece Merch, desk plant, Pocky & snacks for stocking, calendar

  • DONE Jobay: Money ($25), Demonslayer merch, Nice sketchbook from Michael's, calendar

  • DONE Laurel: Tote bag and ???

  • DONE Ani: Nice picture for the wall

  • Mom & Dad: digital frame?

  • DONE Grandma Lo: garden whirligig

  • DONE Lois, Oscar, Stu: Jodi will take care of.

  • DONE Mae, Eero, Otto:

  • DONE Luna, Goldie:

Nursery: desk plant