Meet Poopy:

This is information I copy-pasted from around the web on chinchilla care, to remind myself:


The water bottles should be cleaned at least weekly. Rinsing with hot water, boiling or using a dishwasher are safe ways.

Every few days

They should be given their dust baths 2 times each week or more often if you live in humid climates.


You should give your chin at least 2 tablespoons of feed each day preferably in the evening when they are most active.


A chinchilla needs combed to remove old fur that is being shed. One plus, you will get rid of the old fur a lot faster all at once and not find it floating around the room.

Legume Hays such as Alfalfa could be stored for up to 9 months. However, most reputable breeders will tell you to use your feeds within 90 days.

To Do

  • Make a fence to enclose a run-around area.

    • This is rather urgent. Our chinchilla (Poopy, hehe) was getting out of spaces in between cage bars as small as one inch across. I closed those spaces with string and "newspaper walls", but now Poopy seems depressed, probably from missing the excercise of getting chased around the room several times a day. So let's make that cage!

    • I've been very busy, so we've compensated by letting Poopy run around the room. This is working out pretty well; the biggest trouble is not poop or knawing on stuff, it's getting a hold of her to put her back in the cage—chase-o-rama!

  • Make hanging toys.