The Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in Sichuan province
is a 92 acre home for pandas and other endangered animals. In
Chinese, pandas are called "cat bears". Why?
O) They have cat-like eyes
X) They meow like cats
X) They purr when they are happy
X) They eat sardines

Last year Shenzhou 6 was the second Chinese spacecraft to carry human
astronauts into space! Where did the spacecraft carry the Chinese
O) Around the Earth
X) To the Moon
X) Into the sun
X) To Mars

Last summer, people in China were glued to their sets watching the
thrilling final of Super Voice Girl. Li Yuchun, a girl from Sichuan,
was the champion. What was her most famous song?
O) In My Heart There's Only You, Never Her
X) Happy Birthday
X) L-O-V-E
X) Raindrops Are Falling On My Head

The 2008 Summer Olympics will take place in the capital of China,
Beijing. What are the names of the five official mascots?
O) Beibei, Jingjing, Huanhuan, Yingying and Nini
X) George, Paul, John, Ringo and Yoko
X) Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen and Comet
X) Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy and Sneezy

At the Pudong Aquarium in Shanghai you can walk through water tunnels
and see amazing aquatic animals like the endangered Chinese alligator,
mini-sharks, giant salamanders, and penguins! If you were a penguin,
what would your favorite food be?
O) Shrimp, squid and fish
X) Peanut butter sandwiches
X) Polar bears
X) Cotton candy

The Young Pioneers is a nation-wide children's club that teaches kids
to study hard, live happily, and to be proud of their country. Kids
in the Young Pioneers wear a scarf to school every day. What color is
the scarf?
O) Red
X) Blue
X) White
X) Green

The most famous Chinese athlete this year is Yao Ming. He is seven
feet and five inches tall! What sport does Yao Ming play?
O) Basketball
X) Tennis
X) Hockey
X) Cycling

China is one of the biggest countries in the world, bigger than the
USA and almost as big as Europe. You can fit a lot of cities inside
China! Which of these cities is not in China?
O) New York
X) Shanghai
X) Beijing
X) Guangzhou

The country of China has a long history, and in that time Chinese
people have invented a lot of useful things. China's Four Greatest
Inventions are the compass, paper, movable type for printing books,
O) Gunpowder
X) The telephone
X) Shoelaces
X) Chocolate

Every winter, the northern city of Haerbin where people make gigantic
sculptures, gardens, and palaces to walk around in and admire. What
are the sculptures made out of?
O) Ice
X) Sand
X) Mashed potatoes
X) Ear Wax


“Hei Mao Jing Zhang” is a classic Chinese cartoon from the late 1980’s. The main character is a police chief who chases bad guys in the animal world. What kind of animal is the police chief?
O) A cat
X) A dog
X) A panda
X) A giraffe

Every Chinese kid grows up watching a cartoon version of the Chinese story “Journey to the West”. In this story, the priest Xuan Zang travels to India to retrieve the Buddhist scriptures with his three companions…
O) A monkey, a pig and a sand monster (correct)
X) Papa bear, mama bear and baby bear
X) Jack, Janet and Chrissy
X) Snoopy, Woodstock and Charlie

In the United States, money is called "dollars". In England, money is called "pounds". What is money called in China?
O) Yuan, or renminbi
X) Chinese dollars
X) Dubloon
X) Krona

Chinese babies are so cute! White skin, almond eyes, black hair... But after a few months, their parents will cut their hair off completely. Why?
O) To make the hair grow better
X) For good luck
X) Because baby hair smells bad
X) So they don't have to wash it

Do you recognize the Chinese flag? Of course you do! It is red and has three yellow stars. Or maybe it has four yellow stars... Or...
O) Five yellow stars
X) Three yellow stars
X) Six yellow stars
X) One hundred yellow stars

In October, the China 2006 Grand Prix Formula 1 Race will happen in Shanghai. What kind of people will compete in this race?
O) Racecar drivers
X) Racehorse jockeys
X) Elephant trainers
X) Professional skydivers

Walking around at the zoo and seeing monkeys and birds play in their cages is fun, but it's much more exciting to ride a car and see lions and tigers hunting in the wild. Where can you do this in Shanghai?
O) The Shanghai Wild Animal Park
X) Dino Beach Waterpark
X) The Shanghai Library
X) The Pearl Tower

Everybody likes to receive presents, and living in China means you get presents many times during the year! On what day will your friends and parents say "sheng ri kuai le!" and give you a present?
O) Your birthday
X) Christmas
X) Children's Day
X) Graduation day

When kids learn how to read Chinese, they have to study the ABCs before they learn to read Chinese characters. This is called "pinyin". Pinyin uses all of the alphabet except for one letter; which one?
O) v
X) k
X) e
X) r

Kids in Chinese schools get to learn how to play lots of fun games. One of their favorites is Chinese chess. Chinese chess uses different pieces from normal chess. Can you guess which of these pieces is from Chinese chess?
O) Elephant
X) King
X) Pawn
X) Castle