Preschool daban kids, about 32 total, 30 minutes on physics/astronomy/moon.

  • 5 minutes introducing myself, who I am, where I'm from, what I do, why I like astronomy, Q&A style. Sticker rewards for kids who ask questions. Reminder that there will be prizes for kids who "learned something" at the end, so pay attention.

  • 8 minutes on the Moon:

    • 3 minutes on the Moon: using a map (print on 12 pieces of A4 paper), talk about the parts of the moon (craters, seas, mountains, light and dark, front and back).

    • 5 minutes: Show a short video about the moon.

  • 8 minutes on 嫦娥三号

    • 3 minutes talking, showing pictures (basically repeat/ask what Maryann said so that the kids get it reinforced)

    • 5 minutes showing video clips of the landing, photos set to music, and the story of Chang'e/Yutu.

  • 8 minutes talking about telescopes

    • 3 minutes for telescope demo, parts of the telescope.

    • 5 minutes for kids to look through at the "Moon" printout.

  • Review and "what they learned" for small prizes from the paper store.

Prep: Moon printout, print-outs of Chang'e rocket and Yutu lander, telescope, old astro calendar pages as mini-posters.
Store prep: Sticker prizes.
Video prep: Moon (5 min), Chang'e (blast-off clip), Chang'e (landing clip), Chang'e/Yutu story.