My Siemens MC60 is pretty bad. My Samsung is OK. Here are things I'd like it to have:

  • IM-style SMS logs (Facebook does this with private messages).

    • And of course, Apple gets to it first: http://www.popgadget.net/images/iPhone.jpg

  • T9 with...

    • smarter capitalization

    • smart prediction

    • more priority to words I teach it

  • Open source OS

  • Open API covering as many features as technically possible

    • Able to manipulate phone calls

    • Able to manipulate every piece of hardware in the device

  • Motion-detecting/accelerometer chip with auto-horizontal screen

  • USB mountable, so easy to load/unload files and apps

  • 3.5 inch headphone jack

  • A Chinese-English dictionary

  • Pen input

  • A clock on the outside when the phone is in sleep mode

Suggestions for improving the SGH-G618

  • Be able to turn off the sound completely, for the camera

  • Lock AND unlock the phone screen when it is collapsed

  • Change browser font size

  • USB access to phone's built-in file space

  • Too many wasted keys, for example

    • When I'm looking at a photo and press down, it should go to the next photo (it does nothing)

  • Give the ability to view photos horizontally

  • Emails in address book for sending MMS

  • Let me choose the quality of photos resized to be sent as MMS

  • Allow me to add words to the predictive text dictionar

  • The screen should slow a small digital clock in the very center when it goes into power-saving mode.