Airline Tix

Tix are lined up for me, Jodi, Charlotte and Maryann. Still need to book for Ada Jo once we have her passport.

Driver's License

If I want to get a replacement driver's license, I need to make an appointment at the DMV (in August, slots were available two days later) and pay a fee of $26. Here are relevant links:

Ada Jo's Passport

Birth of a U.S. Citizen in China | Consulate General of the United States Shanghai, China:

"make an appointment using our online appointment system."

Jodi and I need to bring:

☐ A completed Application for Consular Report of Birth Abroad form DS-2029
☐ Completed Affadivit of Parentage, Physical Presence and Support form DS-5507
☐ Original local birth certificate issued by a Chinese hospital.
☐ My US passport and Jodi's China passport.
☐ Our original marriage certificate.
☐ Proof of the citizen parent's physical presence in the United States. (college transcripts, tax forms)
☐ A completed Application for a U.S. Passport form DS-11.
☐ One (two!) passport photo (must be 2" X 2" (5 cm X 5 cm) with a white background)

Fees for a newborn child (will use CC):

☹ Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA) $100
☹ Passport $105

Once the passport arrives...

Ada Jo's Exit Permit



  • Entry-Exit Administration Bureau, 300 Minsheng Rd, Science and Tech Museum subway, Line 2

Nationality Authentication


  • Birth Certificate

  • Baby's passport

  • Father's passport

  • Mother's ID card and hukou booklet

  • An explanation letter by the parents (saying the baby elects to take the nationality as per the passport)

  • A few passport-sized photos of the baby

  • THIS IS NEW: Jodi's Shanghai Temporary Residence Permit (which she doesn't have, so we'll have to come up with it or get the 国籍审定/通行证 back in Yueyang through Jodi's dad? checking on the options now)

Plus of course photocopies of everything.

Jodi's Shanghai Temporary Residence Permit

办理上海临时居住证要什么条件要提供哪些材料,办理的话需要多长时间 - 已解决 - 搜搜问问

  • Registration form (probably from Neighborhood Committee?)

  • National ID (shenfenzheng)

  • Rental contract or certificate from Neighborhood Committee confirming your residence


  • Take the above materials to the Neighborhood General Affairs Office.

  • Pay deposit (RMB 25)

  • Take photo (free, on location)

  • Pick up Temporary Residence Permit on the spot.


电话: 021-64102313

Exit Permit


1. My passport
2. Jodi's ID card
3. Birth certificate
4. 3pcs of 2 inch color pix of the baby.
5. RMB 20 for processing, ask about delivery

Once in the USA...

Ada Jo's Visa

Usual consulate in LA, Tourist Visa (L Visa)


  • Baby's passport and photocopy

  • Application form

  • 2x2 square inch photo (US? really? or Chinese... bring both)

  • Fee: $130

Once back in China...

Ada Jo's Residence Permit

Not sure, haven't done this before and having trouble finding resources on the process of adding a newborn to a residence permit. Will talk to teachers at new school with family (at least one known), and only other closes resource is: Guide to Getting your Z-Visa / Work & Residence Permit | Shanghai Expat by the incredible Ed Yu.