What I'd want out a calendaring app:

  • Event data

    • Title

    • Description

    • Date (start/end time/date)

  • Event meta-data

    • Creation date

    • Update date

    • Category

  • Flexible: Allows overlapping events.

  • Filesystem-based storage

    • To allow use of unison or rsync for off-line editing, then syncing.

    • Storage in standard e-mail storage format. (cf IO::WithHeader::RFC822, Text::Header)

  • Publishing

    • HTML

      • Locally and to remote servers

      • Valid XHTML/CSS

      • Multiple formats (montly tabled calendar, yearly Kulkarni-style)

    • RSS

      • Upcoming events

      • Latest edits/updates

      • Category-based

  • Interface:

    • Browser-based, HTML.

    • Simplicity above all.

  • Encoding: utf-8.

To think about:

  • Time-zone considerations

  • Pulling in events from other places/RSS feeds

  • Authentification

  • REST API a la Blosxom

So what I'd want is basically an upgraded version of . See for an example of a working calendar.

Regarding the REST stuff, here are some sample URLs I'd like to have: