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广州(新白云)-上海(虹桥) 11月16日 20:15 11月16日 22:10 深圳航空 ZH9101 经济舱 RMB 780 -
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Chowhound discussion of eating in Guangzhou
Google Map of Bloggercon relevant locations

Things to see and do and eat

夜茶 at Xin Yun Lou (辛运楼) 人民中路322号, phone 8322-0738

White Swan Hotel 白天鹅宾馆 on 沙面 Island (adoption central)

Canton Trade Fair, 中国进出口商品交易会展馆(中国广州海珠区阅江中路380号)

Go to the Guangzhou restaurant, it's one of the best places in the world for dim sum. It's carried around on trolleys, so just point at the dishes you want. 2 Wenchang Dong LU. After 5 PM they don't serve dim sum, but normal Cantonese food, which is awesome too.�

For dim sum, the BEST place I ever found was Chau Kee. It's this way...go to the Chen Family Temple (Metro Chen Jia Si) and then head west on ZhongShan Lu, north side of the street. Walk about 15 minutes max. You'll past a Vangard Dept store(green and white sign) and a Gome shop. Then there will be a side street heading off to your right. There's a small market on that corner with many little shop stalls inside. Walk about 4 more minutes and you'll see a street level dentist, a bakery and then Chau Kee. Go upstairs, and start ordering as soon as they can squash you in. It's always so busy; you may share a table with others. The menu has pictures, but also look to see what otherh people are having. You'll first be offered tea and they'll keep filling up your boiling water pot on the table. Everything is divinely fresh and 4 of us have never paid more than 100 rmb for a full stuffing feast.�

Re: Shamian Island "It's certainly NOT walkable from the train station, unless tonto_b means the Metro train station. Take the Metro to Huang Sha and then cross over or under to go to Shamian Island. Lucy's restaurant has passable Western and Mexican food. Nice old colonial style buildings all over the island."�