In the 80s, the sky was a lot bluer than now because there was less air pollution. Nowadays in the city you can rarely see stars at night.


Kids born in the 80s weren't so obsessed with things (material goods), like kids are today. Not really poor, not really rich, that was life for kids in the 80s.


When you joined the Young Pioneers in the 80s, you really felt proud, like the red handkerchief around your neck really was a corner off the national flag. I remember myself standing in front of the mirror carefully adjusting my own handkerchief over and over.


It's assured that kids born in the 80s are intimately familiar with this person. Lei Feng could be considered the most prominent of the model citizens being studied/promoted in those days.


People born in the 80s were all deeply touched by the influence of Japanese comics and cartoons. Back then Dragon Ball and Saint Seiya were my favorites.


Kids born in the 80s all remember that the one phrase parents and teachers kept droning on and on about was 好好学习,天天向上 (study well, improve every day). I hear it's supposedly something Mao Zedong said in the 70s.


People born in the 80s have probably all seen this Japanese science fiction TV series. Dinosaur Taskforce Koseidon: Fighter bomber, hop! etc" (ファイタスボンバー,ホップ!)


People born in the 80s, do you still remember this Taiwanese movie? The movie's theme song, "Nothing On Earth Can Replace Mom", can still be widely heard today.


For people born in the 80s it's hard not to have seen a scene like this. Back then if your family owned a bicycle it was pretty darn cool.


People born in the 80s, do you still remember popsicles for 2 mao (1.3 US cents)? Don't they seem so pure and innocent, compared to the mess of popsicles you can get today?


For us kids born in the 80s, when we were too young to work jobs were handed out to graduates by the government. Then when it was time for us to find jobs, it was only through our own blood, sweat and tears that we find pitiful jobs where we still only manage to scrape by.


People born in the 80s, you probably remember your dads smoking those long-stemmed Chinese pipe, or filter-less cigarettes. I remember "Daji" and "Minfeng" cigarettes.


For us kids born in the 80s, when we were in elementary school going to college was free. And then when we got to college, only going to elementary school was free.


For us kids born in the 80s, back when we were to young to to make money housing was assigned to you by the government. But now that we make our own livings, we've found that we can't even afford a house.


In the 80s, carrying a briefcase to work was really foreign and forward-thinking. I'm not real sure when this disappeared.


Back in the 80s, girls wore skirts that at most rose a little above the calf. Not like now, when we worry about whether we're wearing too much.


Back in the 80s, we knew that if you saw a man wearing a sweater it had been knit for him by his wife or other female relatives. Hehe, back then women often compared knitting skills on the job.