Brainstorming plans for 2018:


  • Family: Eastern Sierra (Rock Creek), Sequoia

  • Personal: John Muir Trail (section...)

  • School: Pinos, Senior Backpacking, Topa Topa

  • Other possible: Death Valley


  • Winter Break (Feb 21-24)

    • Tijuana (markets, museums, Chinese food, hiking, small town, beach)

  • Spring Break (Apr 7-14)

    • Backpacking w/ Chris to Sedona/Grand Canyon/Mt Pinos/White Rocks -> Reyes Creek?

  • Before Summer Camp

    • Family to Death Valley

  • After Summer Camp

    • Sequoia w/ fam, possibly Little Lakes as well

  • Thanksgiving Break

    • XXX

  • After Christmas

    • XXX

  • Random Weekend (specify date)

    • XXX

Summer School

  • Engineering Week: USC, Caltech,

  • Flight Camp: Fixed-wing session, drone session, rocket session.

  • Robotics: Same as last year, Lego and Sketchup, coding and Tetrix, Arduino and Soldering.

School Innovation

  • Google Certification

  • First Aid course for students

  • Field Trip schedule

  • Hermes dorm culture

  • China Trip


  • Tower dorm welcome back prep

  • End