Ignore the directions at the bottom, they were copied from some random web page. The following directions were written by Micah himself, and are much more succint and easy to follow.

Extra Brief Directions

  • Start from the Bund.

  • Take bus 55 or 910 north.

  • Exit at Guoding Lu, walk east, curve north.

  • Look for SUS2 sign on the right.

Full Directions to Gua'er Music Factory

Catch bus 910 or 55 going north at the Bund, where East Nanjing Road (Nanjing Dong Lu) runs into the Huangpu River. Get off in about ten stops, at a stop called Guoding Lu. The stop is actually on Siping Lu, you will need to walk forward another ten yards/meters and turn right onto Guoding Road. Walk a couple of blocks, following Guoding Road as it curves to the left. On the right hand side you will pass the miniscule SUS2 music shop, where you can ask for directions if you get really lost. Otherwise, keep going, and cross a pretty major street with a traffic light. At that point, start looking to your right for the SUS2 sign painted on an abandoned factory wall, or a bunch of punks hanging out selling tickets at the gate. Don't be afraid to walk into the abandoned factory complex; the Gua'er facility is a little concrete building all the way in the back.

The closest subway stop to the start of these directions is Middle Henan Road (Henan Zhong Lu).

Confusing Directions - Read At Your Own Risk

From :

Garage is live and well if you can find the garage. I couldn't and I was standing as close as I could without getting bit.
Better to have a Chinese friend call SUS2 Music Factory (they run it) and ask when the best time is to hear the locals let it out.

Ok, I'll tell you. Sorry if I make you walk but I walked so much to find this.
Catch the bus 123 at Peoples' Sguare and it goes way the heck out Siping. When it turns left off Siping, get off. That's Tongi University and walk back down Siping so you can keep going further out Siping with bus 910 or 55. You want to get off at I think it's the third stop after you go under the elevated road. Hopefully that will be Guoding and you turn right off of Siping and walk two and a half blocks and you'll see SUS2 Music Factory store on the right. It's tiny. Keep walking if you're sure someone is at Gua er, another block across Huangxing staying on the right side just past the apartment complex the drive way leads up to a gate in a high wall that prevents you from seeing a scrap (Heavy)metal yard and a truck weigh scale. It's at the very back of that as far as you can walk about another half block. You go right through the scrap metal yard. Lots of kids do. I've never been stopped. If you start seeing huge estate factory company places you've gone too far on Guoding. It's only about half a block past Huangxing on Guoding. Take a map and count the roads past the elevated highway on Siping. Sat. and Sun. afternoons are your best chances. It's a complex of studios in the rough, the future rock of Shanghai.
All the people in the bands are great but we don't want to make them receptionists so that's why I say to find out when they put a show on. I've seen thirty or forty mostly college kids there with five consecutive bands in their big studio room and yes it was heaven for $15 RMB. They're starting to get together at Pubs so you'll just have to hit it right. I don't know of any local bands who are full time musicians. No band managers in a city of 18 million. No rock infrastructure like in Beijing, yet.